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Aren't you tired of the clutter?

Is your home cluttered with old lawn equipment, papers, or seasonal decorations? Are you tired of searching for files at work? It's time to rent a unit from Loft Mini Storage and clear out all of that clutter.

  • 5’x12’

  • 5’x16’

  • 9'x14'

  • 10’x12’

It's amazing how much we can accumulate at home and work. If you're tired of rummaging through closets, climbing into crawl spaces, or just being cramped, then a storage unit is an ideal for you. Units are great for hobby supplies, dorm room furnishings, office equipment, and more.

  • 24-hour access

  • No access fees

  • Low, low rates

  • Safe and secure facility

Units To Suit Your Needs

Convenient And Secure

Endless Possibilities

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Protect your treasures with secure storage

Do you have excess furnishings? Is your spouse complaining about the extra vehicles parked on your property? Our larger non-standard storage units are the perfect solution. These units can accommodate all of your storage needs.

When you rent a larger space, you will enjoy all of the same benefits of our standard units, including low rates, convenient 24-hour access, and no access fees. Whether you need to store your valuables for one month or one year, you have flexible options at Loft Mini Storage.

Storing your treasured belongings at some out-of-the-way facility can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Our facilities are located near downtown, and we’re a short drive from all of Martinsville. Stopping in to pick up your holiday decorations or your vinyl records is a breeze.

When individuals throughout the Martinsville area want safe storage, they rent a unit from us. We're known for our clean and secure units and low rates. You can stop by, pick up what you need, and get back on the road with ease.

Convenient Locations

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  • 10'x16'

  • 10’x20’

  • 10'x24'

  • 24'x24'

  • Long-term rentals

  • Month-to-month rentals

  • 2 convenient locations

  • Variety of units

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